TIL PILOT PROGRAM (12/23/2009)
TIL PILOT PROGRAM East Harlem, for the most part, is a rental housing community; over the past decade various Home Ownership programs, have made affordable homeownership a possibility and a reality for some residents.  EBOF has taken a  role in the development and sale in some  of th ...More

El Barrio Artspace - P.S. 109 PROJECT (12/23/2009)
El Barrio Artspace - P.S. 109 PROJECT (HOUSING FOR ARTIST LIVE / WORK SPACE) East Harlem has a history of talent and cultural nurturing of its music, art and dance. However, the support for affordable housing for artist is lacking throughout New York City and lacking the focus and attention th ...More

EAST 125th STREET PROJECT (12/23/2009)
EAST 125TH STREET PROJECT (MEDIA / ENTERTAINMENT / CULTURAL CENTER)  To participate in the development of affordable housing and cultural center at the East 125th St. project.   The affordable housing aspect of the project involves a Phase I construction of a 49-unit low-income apartm ...More

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